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About Us

STEM-SOLAR LLC is a company dedicated to the development of renewable energy sources and  solar energy in particular.

 As you know, the Sun is the most powerful source of environmentally friendly energy. Installing a solar power plant is the best way to use the sun's energy. Solar energy is widely used in cases where there is the inaccessibility of other sources of energy in combination with sufficient amount of solar radiation. However, more and more solar power plants are installed for the purpose of energy independence from the main electrical grids.

 Since its inception, the company has focused on the provision of services for the sale, engineering and installation of private and industrial solar power plants and  the green tariff registration assistance.Today, STEM-SOLAR LLC is developing rapidly, providing customers with quality and affordable services thereby contributing into the energy independence of our country.

 We offer:.

  • solar power plant engineering
  • solar power plant installation
  • external power supply
  • solar power plant commissioning and green tariff registration
  • service of solar power stations.