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Snow and solar panels.

Snow and solar panels.

23 March, 2018

When calculating solar power stations, they often encounter such a problem: in the place where the photo modules should be installed, is the shadows of foreign objects - the supports of the power transmission line, cables, grids, etc. To get an answer, how small shadows affect the work of the solar power plant, I decided to do a research on my own power plant.

So, the subject is the Omron 10kW network inverter, Japan, and 2 fields (thrings) for 3 and 3.75kW, filled with Altek (Perlight) solar panels with a nominal capacity of 250 watts.
The experiment was conducted at 9 am, so the power of unpolluted panels for each experiment is different. As we see in the photo - at the beginning of the experiment, the power of the two strings was 1.88 and 1.5 kW. The power above the strings was 1.5 kW (12 panels, nominal power of 3 kW), we will despise.